Open Data Filter by Tags

The Thurston GeoData Center Open Data Site ( allows you to find and download data for use in your own applications and devices. This data includes GIS shapefiles, .dbf tables, layer files and excel spreadsheets. Tags are keywords used to categorize data, and can be used to refine your data search. Filter By Tags is … Continue reading Open Data Filter by Tags

Data Download API Explorer

For more information on filtering see the Data tab help topic. The API Explorer allows you to add filters and select which fields to include in your download. You can also apply spatial filters and output options. To get to the API Explorer from the data Summary page, select "I want to use this": Click … Continue reading Data Download API Explorer

Download Filtered Dataset

Once you have found the data you are interested in, click on it to open the Overview page: The layer will open to the Overview page with details about the data: From here you can filter the downloadable data by using the map to zoom into a specific area and/or using the "Filter Data" option: … Continue reading Download Filtered Dataset