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Find Data Layer

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How To Make Layers Transparent

PDF of topic By default most of the layers are not transparent. If you display multiple layers one layer might hide the others. Additionally layers may hide the base map. You can adjust the transparency of the visible layers by … Continue reading

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How To Change Layer Symbols?

PDF of topic If the default symbols for a layer do not meet your specific needs, you can create your own symbols. You can set colors, transparency, line width, and styles. You can also choose to color features differently based … Continue reading

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Layer List

PDF of topic The only layer that is visible by default is the parcel layer. You can display additional layers by opening the Layer List and checking the layer visibility check box for the layer you want to display.

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How To Show Additional Layers

PDF of topic By default, the map displays the County base map and when zoomed in, the parcel boundaries. If you need additional layers, please follow the steps below. Some layers do not display at certain scales. For example the … Continue reading

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