I need a printed map. How do I get one?

GeoData offers premade, generic maps that can be printed at home, by a professional printing service, or by GeoData. Custom maps can be created using any of the GeoData web map viewers or by a GeoData Analyst at our hourly rate. Click one of the options below for more information and instructions. Option 1: Printable … Continue reading I need a printed map. How do I get one?

Web Map Layer Inventory

Available layers and the GeoData online maps where they can be found: LAYERCRIMEELECTIONS & SCHOOLSPERMITTINGPROPERTYSHOW ME EVERYTHINGAddress PointsXXXXXAgritourism Overlay DistrictsXXAnnexationsXXBridgesXBuilding FootprintsXXCarlyon LandslideXXCitiesXXXXXClosed LandfillsXXCommissioner DistrictsXXXXContaminated SitesXXContours (2-foot)XXControlled Shooting ZonesXXXCounty BorderXXXXCounty FacilitiesXCounty Water and Sewer ULIDsXXCrime (Last Week)XXCrime (One Year)XXCritical Aquifer Recharge AreasXXCritical Aquifer Recharge Areas (Agricultural)XXDesignated Mineral Resource LandsXXFire Response DistrictsXXXFire StationsXXXXFlood of Record MonumentsXXFlood Zones … Continue reading Web Map Layer Inventory

How do I find information on my septic system?

Thurston County GeoData Center does not have septic location information available in the online map viewers or for download from the Open Data site. Thurston County Environmental Health maintains a website full of information for Onsite Sewage System (OSS)--including different types of septic systems, commons do's and don'ts, and permit information. For additional information, contact … Continue reading How do I find information on my septic system?