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Search and Query Tools?

PDF of topic Global Search The Global Search searches all layers that contain searchable content Find Tab The Find tab, located on the toolbar, contains additional search options Find parcel by parcel numbers Find parcel by site address Find parcel … Continue reading

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Multi-point identify tool?

PDF of topic Open the Identify tab in the Toolbar Click the Multi-Point button Click on each feature on the map you want to identify Double click on the last feature to finish The features are highlighted on the map, … Continue reading

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Identify Tools?

PDF of topic When you want to view information about features already displayed on the map, you use one of the identify tools. By default if you click on a feature you see on the map without activating any tools, … Continue reading

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PDF of topic The toolbar is categorized into the following tabs (groups) Home Find Identify Measure Draw Map & Layers Crime  (Tab only available on Show Me Everything and Sheriff Crime Map Sites)

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Measure Tools?

PDF of topic The measuring tools can be found on the Measure Tab on Toolbar: Click on each of these for more details on how to use these tools: Measure Distance Measure Area Edit Markup How To Clear Measurements

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How to deactivate a tool?

PDF of topic Here is an example of an active tool (Identify Point): Click on this Point tool and it will deactivate it.

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Navigation Tools?

PDF of topic The Mouse Zoom in/out, pan and identify using the mouse Zoom In/Out Zoom in/out at fixed scales Pan (Home tab on toolbar, Navigation group) Moves the area that is displayed in the map panel Zoom In (Home … Continue reading

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How To Hide or Show Toolbar?

PDF of topic Locate The Toolbar Toggle button at the upper right corner of the map panel. Click the toggle button to show the toolbar. Click the toggle button X to close the toolbar. Optional. Turn off Tool Labels.  

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How to Hide or Show All Panels (Toolbar, layers, etc)?

PDF of topic How to hide or show the Left Panel with the Left toggle button in your Map Panel. How to hide or show the Toolbox with the toolbar toggle button in your Map Panel. How to hide or … Continue reading

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Increased Functionality! What’s New?

PDF of topic Last updated 12/5/2017 Search Box New search capabilities let you search for Parcel Number and Addresses in the same box. The Search box also looks for a match in multiple layers so you can find what you … Continue reading

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