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Increased Functionality! What’s New?

PDF of topic Last updated 12/5/2017 Search Box New search capabilities let you search for Parcel Number and Addresses in the same box. The Search box also looks for a match in multiple layers so you can find what you … Continue reading

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How to link to the new website with a parcel number from your website via a url link?

PDF of topic URL link to Map Example url link to parcel 46830001501: URL link to Parcel Summary Page Example url link to parcel 46830001501:

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Register for GeoData User Training

Complete and submit the form below to register for the premiere of our new Basic Training video. Subscribe to the GeoData email list to be notified about new features and future training opportunities. Location: The video premiere will be online! We are located … Continue reading

Allow Pop-ups

PDF of topic When trying to perform a task in map, it does not seem to work, and this is often because you have not set our mapping site up as an allowable pop-up site in your specific browser. For … Continue reading

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View in a Different Map

PDF of topic To switch to a different map, click on the View in a Different Map button and chose which map you would like to view. In this case I chose Permitting Map as it may have a layer that is … Continue reading

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Print Parcel Summary Page

PDF of topic Once parcel is selected, select the hyperlink Open Info Page This opens a new page with the Parcel Summary information ‘Print’ button launches your printer interface. Depending on your printer setup, the interface will differ per your … Continue reading

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Identify features that touch a line

PDF of topic Open the Identify tab in the Toolbar Click the Line tool button Click on the first feature on the map Draw a line If you want to change direction in the middle, click again to add a … Continue reading

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How To Change Feature Label Style?

PDF of topic Each layer has a default feature label style that sets the color, size and information that will be displayed. If the default style does not meet your needs, you can create your own label style. You can … Continue reading

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How to find frequently asked questions

PDF of topic On the Home Tab of your Toolbar, in the Support Tools Group, click on the Help Tool. This will open up Help and Frequently Asked Questions in a new Page or Tab in your browser.

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How To Make Changes to Existing Markup Shapes

PDF of topic The Edit Drawing functions allow you to make changes to existing shapes you have created in your map using the Draw Tools (or Measure Tools) The Edit tool can be found on the Draw Tab for the … Continue reading

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