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How to turn on parcel labels?

PDF of topic Note:  Parcels do not show up unless you are zoomed in on the map. To turn on parcel labels, click on Layers tab: Now you can turn on the checkbox for Label – Parcel Number: Since this … Continue reading

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How to link to the new website with a parcel number from your website via a url link?

PDF of topic URL link to Map Example url link to parcel 46830001501: URL link to Parcel Summary Page Example url link to parcel 46830001501:

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How To Make Layers Transparent?

PDF of topic By default most of the layers are not transparent. If you display multiple layers one layer might hide the others. Additionally layers may hide the base map. You can adjust the transparency of the visible layers by … Continue reading

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How to Share a map with others?

PDF of topic On the Home Tab of your Toolbar, in the Basic Tools Group, click on the Share Tool This will in turn popup your media options screen: For example if you chose to email this map, select the … Continue reading

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How To Print Map?

PDF of topic Click on the Print button on the Home tab in the Toolbar panel. The Print Map window will open in the Left panel. Enter Title (required field), and Print. It now creates the default pdf format of … Continue reading

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How To Search for Survey Control Points?

PDF of topic There are two ways to search for survey control points located in the Survey Control section of the Find Tab (in “Show Me Everything Map” and “Permitting Map”): By Section Under the “Find” tab on the Tool … Continue reading

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How To Search for Parcels?

PDF of topic Parcels can be searched in variety of ways: By Parcel Number Under the “Find” tab on the Tool Bar, click “By Parcel Numbers” Type in the 11 digit parcel number. If you wish to search for more … Continue reading

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How To Snap Measure Line to Features?

PDF of topic Open the Measure tab in the toolbar Click on either the Distance or Area tool button Click “Enable Snapping” in the tool option area The button changes to indicate that snapping is enabled, and the button label … Continue reading

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How To Create Mailing Labels?

PDF of topic Once you have parcels highlighted on the map using one of the selection methods (Search or Identify Tools), you can create mailing labels using either the owner address or the site address. There are two ways to … Continue reading

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How To Display Legend?

PDF of topic The legend shows the symbols of the visible layers. Locate the Left Panel Menu button right above the Layer List and click on it Select “Show Legend”

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