I need a printed map. How do I get one?

GeoData offers premade, generic maps that can be printed at home, by a professional printing service, or by GeoData. Custom maps can be created using any of the GeoData web map viewers or by a GeoData Analyst at our hourly rate. Click one of the options below for more information and instructions.

Option 1: Printable Maps

    1. Go to the GeoData Printable Maps page.
    2. Click on the name or image of the map you would like to view the details. (Note that the preview image may not match the actual map.)
    3. Click on the linked name of the map to open the PDF map.
    4. Order prints from GeoData or click the download buttonĀ  to save the map to your device to print at home or take to a printing service.

Option 2: Do-It-Yourself Custom Map (GeoData Web Map Viewers)

Customize and Print your own map using one of our Online Maps

      • Select a map from the Online Maps page
      • Find the area/information you want displayed on the map
      • Use the Print tool to create a map that you can print

Option 3: GeoData Custom Map

Hire GeoData to create a custom map for you.

Visit our Custom Maps page to learn more about the services we offer and how to place an order.