Locate a Property or Parcel

There are two primary tools to locate a parcel in Thurston County:

  1. GeoData Map Viewers
  2. Parcel Information Page

GeoData Map Viewers

  1. Open any of the map viewers from the GeoData Online Maps page.
  2. Type the parcel number or site address in the Global Search text box and click the magnifying glass or hit the Enter key.
  3. Results matching your search from the Parcels and Address Points will appear in the left panel.
  4. Click on one of the resulting features to zoom the map to that location.
  5. Additional Parcel Search Tools are described in How to Search for Parcels in Map Viewers.

Parcel Information Page

  1. Open the Parcel Information Page from the GeoData website by clicking on “Look Up Your Property” on the home page, then click on the link in Option 2: Property Information Report.
  2. Use the dropdown to select the type of information you would like to use to search for your parcel: Street Address, 11-digit Parcel Number, or Township Section.
  3. Enter your information in the search text box and click the magnifying glass button or hit the Enter key.
  4. All matching results will be listed. Click on your parcel to view the Parcel Information Report. The Parcel Information Report includes information from the Assessor’s database (Address through Exemptions) and information from spatial datasets that overlap or intersect the property, which are maintained by the GeoData Center (Wetlands through Contamination).
  5. If your property is not listed in the results, try searching just part of the site address to access more results. (There may be typos or different spellings of road names, such as “PKWY” instead of “PARKWAY.”)