Increased Functionality! What’s New?

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Last updated 12/5/2017

Search Box
New search capabilities let you search for Parcel Number and Addresses in the same box. The Search box also looks for a match in multiple layers so you can find what you are looking for even if it is not in the parcel data.

Draw on the Map
Tired of using markers and pens to draw on your maps? We now have tools that let you add shapes and text to your maps before you print!

Find Coordinates
Do you have GPS points you want to locate on a map? Use the Zoom to Point tool on the Find tab.

Do you want to know what the coordinates are for something on the map? Use the Coordinates tool to find out.

Switch Between Maps Without Starting Over
Did you start in one map but need to switch to another? Use the “View in a Different Map” tool to switch to a different map without having to relocate the area you are interested in.

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