How To Print Map

PDF of topic

  1. Click on the Print button on the Home tab in the Toolbar panel.
  2. The Print Map window will open in the Left panel.
  3. Enter Title (required field), and Print.
  4. It now creates the default pdf format of your printable map.

Options are:

Output format (Default Pdf or Tiff, Bmp, Gif, Jpeg, Png).
Add notes.
Checkbox for Advanced Options.

Map Save Options:
For pdf format (default)
If you move your mouse over the pdf, you will see a save option for the pdf, so you can save it to your local drive.

For bmp, gif, jpeg or png format
Move mouse over the image and right click to get Save as options, so you can save it to your local drive.

For tiff
Once created, it pops up an Open or Save option at the bottom of your website page.

Advanced Options:

Resolution (Default 96 dpi or 300 dpi)
Scale (Default Current Extent or Current Scale)
Legend Item Size (Default 100% Full Size or 90%, 80%, 70%, 50%)

(Advanced Option) You can print the file with the optional higher resolution of 300 dpi, but this is a lot slower than the default 96 dpi option

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