How To Snap Measure Line to Features

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  1. Open the Measure tab in the toolbar
  2. Click on either the Distance or Area tool button
  3. Click “Enable Snapping” in the tool option area
  4. The button changes to indicate that snapping is enabled, and the button label changes to “Disable Snapping”
  5. If you have multiple layers turned on and you only want to snap measurements to certain layers, click “Select Snapping Layers” button
  6. Once the “Snappable Layers” window opens, find the layer you want to snap to. In the example below, the “Parcel Boundaries” layer is checked.
    By default all layers are checked. By clicking on the “Clear All” button all the layers will uncheck. You can then check only those layers you would like the measure tool to snap to. In the example below, the “Parcel Boundaries” layer is checked
  7. Start measuring
  8. A circle is displayed around the cursor. This indicates the snapping tolerance. In other words, if the features from the snappable layers exist inside this circle, the tool will try to snap to that feature when you click. The light blue dot indicates where the tool is currently snapped to
  9. Complete the measurement as usual
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