How To Create Mailing Labels

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Once you have parcels highlighted on the map using one of the selection methods (Search or Identify Tools), you can create mailing labels using either the owner address or the site address.

There are two ways to do this, but both produce the same result.

Option 1: Using the Report Tool

  1. At the top of the Left Panel, locate the Left Panel Menu button
  2. Click the button to show the options
  3. Click on the “Run a Report” option

    The same option is also available in the table view menu or in the identify tool
    If the features you have selected belong to a layer that does not have any associated reports, this option is not available in the menu. If your results contain features from multiple layers, the mailing labels are created only for the features from the parcel boundary layer
  4. Select a report format
    ​Below the name of each report type, the number of labels that will be included in the mailing list is displayed

    Select the type of mailing list you would like to create
  5. When done, click “Download report file” in the Report Window to view the mailing labels

Option 2: Using the Print Mailing Labels Tool

  1. Select the Find tab in the toolbar
  2. Click on the “Print Mailing Labels” button
  3. Select a format & address type from the menu
  4. Click OK and it will generate the report
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