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This is a good place to look for Answers / Help pages from GeoData on how to best use our new Online Maps.

Search for key words like layout or tool and look at archived posts to see topics of interest. We have posted some basic help topics to get you started. These topics will be expanded, get refined and get added to over time.

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Create a Mapping Shortcut

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If you save your map to favorites in your browser, it will save which data you have turned on, and where you are zoomed to on the map.

Open the map you are interested in, which has the data you need, and click on the Layers tab as indicated in snapshot.

Zoom into the area you are interested in and turn on the layers you would like displayed on the map.

Now select the ‘Maps & Layers’ tab and ‘Add To Favorites’

Give your shortcut a name you can easily find in you shortcuts browser list

Now anytime you open your browser, you can go to favorites and it will open the map with the desired layers and in the area you are interested in.

Please Note: Where favorites is located in your browser, depends on the browser you are using, but they all have a favorites option. Drawings on the map will not be saved.

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Allow Pop-ups

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When trying to perform a task in map, it does not seem to work, and this is often because you have not set our mapping site up as an allowable pop-up site in your specific browser.

For example, when you choose “View in a Different Map” a new browser tab should open that loads the new viewer. We are finding that people with pop-up blockers in their browsers are not getting the new tab and the browser isn’t always telling them that a pop-up has been blocked.

Here are some of the different browser fixes for this issue in our most popular browsers:
Chrome | Internet Explorer | Safari | Edge | Firefox

There is a small icon that will appear in the URL bar:

Click on it and a small window should open asking if you want to allow pop-ups from our site, Click “Always allow…” and done:

Try “View in a Different Map” and it should work.

Internet Explorer
A bar should appear near the bottom of the browser window:

Click on “Options for this site” and “Always allow”. Try “View in a Different Map” and it should work.

This browser does not give you warning, but just does not open up a new tab or site, so it just does nothing when you click on a pop-up link.
With Safari, you don’t have the option to filter out which sites are OK for pop-up and which are not. Either you have allow pop-up turned on or off. In our case we would need this to be set so you can do pop-ups:

Make sure Block pop-up windows in unchecked. Now try “View in a Different Map” and it should work.

A bar should appear near the bottom of the browser window:
Click on “Options for this site” and “Always allow”. Try “View in a Different Map” and it should work.

You get a warning at the top of the browser page:

Click on Options

Try “View in a Different Map” and it should work.

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View in a Different Map

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To switch to a different map, click on the View in a Different Map button and chose which map you would like to view.

In this case I chose Permitting Map as it may have a layer that is not available in the Property map.

Map now opens the Permitting Map in a new tab or window, zoomed into the same area that it was zoomed in on the Property map.

Please Note:
If link is not opening when you select another map, you may have pop-ups blocking site. Please see this post on how to fix pop-up issues in your browser for the most commonly used browsers on our site pages

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How to Turn on Parcel Labels

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Note:  Parcels do not show up unless you are zoomed in on the map.

To turn on parcel labels, click on Layers tab:

Now you can turn on the checkbox for Label – Parcel Number:

Since this is a toggle button, you can just uncheck it to turn it off again.

You can also choose to label parcels by Owner Name, Site Address, or All Three  (Parcel Number + Owner Name + Site Address).

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Custom Draw Style

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Find Data Layer

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Increased Functionality! What’s New?

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Last updated 12/5/2017

Search Box
New search capabilities let you search for Parcel Number and Addresses in the same box. The Search box also looks for a match in multiple layers so you can find what you are looking for even if it is not in the parcel data.

Draw on the Map
Tired of using markers and pens to draw on your maps? We now have tools that let you add shapes and text to your maps before you print!

Find Coordinates
Do you have GPS points you want to locate on a map? Use the Zoom to Point tool on the Find tab.

Do you want to know what the coordinates are for something on the map? Use the Coordinates tool to find out.

Switch Between Maps Without Starting Over
Did you start in one map but need to switch to another? Use the “View in a Different Map” tool to switch to a different map without having to relocate the area you are interested in.

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How to link to the new website with a parcel number from your website via a url link?

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URL link to Map

Example url link to parcel 46830001501:

URL link to Parcel Summary Page

Example url link to parcel 46830001501:

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How To Make Layers Transparent

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By default most of the layers are not transparent. If you display multiple layers one layer might hide the others. Additionally layers may hide the base map. You can adjust the transparency of the visible layers by moving the transparency slider. The transparency applies to all visible layers in that group.

  1. Locate the Layer List in the Left Panel.
  2. Find the Transparency Slider next to the layer group you wish to change.
  3. Slide the bar to the left to make the layers in that group transparent or to the right to the make them less transparent.
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